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Product Description:

Meoded Hydrowax is a water-based wax, which enhances gloss finishes and acts as a sealer for both lime and acrylic based products. Hydrowax is made from a blend many different waxes, taking the best characteristics of each and blending them to make a superior quality liquid wax. Hydrowax can be applied to almost any surface where a gloss finish is required and is particularly suitable as a finish coat for all Meoded Venetian plasters. Hydrowax is a waterproof finish that is breathable.

Hydrowax is a user friendly, high performance wax that provides ultimate protection, while its liquid state allows for the addition of colored pigments, metallic powders and other compatible fine art materials with ease.

Application: Hydrowax should be applied with a sponge, rag or spatula/wide putty knife in thin, even coats over an entire surface. It should be allowed to dry up to 12 hours before being buffed to a high sheen using a clean rag or mechanical buffer. As Hydrowax may become too thin to apply properly in warm weather, it may be chilled for a short time for more optimal application. Hydrowax is ready to use, touch dry in 1 to 3 hours, and tools should be cleaned with warm, soapy water.

Coverage: 250-500 sq. ft. per 1-quart container
Any materials shipped back unopened within 30 days
will be refunded less a 15% restocking fee.
Damaged goods will be replaced immediately.
All claims are filed through Paint Factory offices.

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