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Nazionale Imitation Leaf

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Sheets Booklets

paint factory In the booklet the 25 metal leaves are interleaved with a sheet of paper. This allows to handle it without any risk and assure a better preservation in case the whole booklet is not immediately used.

Gold - $6.95

Copper - $7.50

Aluminum - $6.95

Sheets Boxes

paint factory Boxes of loose metal leaves are packed in 500 leaves, interleaved with a sheet of paper every 100 leaves. Suitable for professionals and skilled end-users able to handle the leaves one by one without damaging them.

Gold - $114.50

Copper - $134.50

Aluminum - $114.50

Master Rolls

paint factory Particularly useful for long surfaces, or to gild borders. The metal leaf is laid on a light waxed paper, the leaves just overlapped, as a long stripe. Getting in contact with the mission-glue, the metal leaf easily severs from the back paper.

Gold 6"x50m $169.95

Copper 6"x50m $179.95

Aluminum 6"x50m $169.95

Gold 6"x75m- $214.50

Aluminum 6"x75m- $214.50

Any materials shipped back unopened within 30 days
will be refunded less a 15% restocking fee.
Damaged goods will be replaced immediately.
All claims are filed through Paint Factory offices.

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