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Cal-Tint and Pro-Line Colorants

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With the discontinued production of PRO-LINE Colorants,
Paint Factory is proud to offer the CAL-TINT Colorant Line as our permanent alternative. While some PRO-Line colors are still in stock, once depleted, they will be fully replaced by Cal-Tint.

ColorantPG ColorantPB ColorantLG ColorantMY ColorantORG ColorantLY ColorantLB ColorantBU
        PG          PB          LG        MY       ORG        LY         LB        BU

ColorantBR ColorantRO ColorantRS ColorantRU ColorantWHITE. ColorantYO ColorantVIO ColorantBS ColorantPR
       RED      RO       RS       RU     WHITE    YO      VIO       BS       PR


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Empty Carrying Rack

paint factory

Empty Carrying Rack

Any materials shipped back unopened within 30 days
will be refunded less a 15% restocking fee.
Damaged goods will be replaced immediately.
All claims are filed through Paint Factory offices.

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